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Center Introduction

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365bet足球论坛 Global health refers to the cross-border and intergovernmental health-related problems which need to be addressed by engaging all parties concerned. With the globalization of health problems, global efforts are required to solve these problems. Global Health is an interdisciplinary of medical science and social sciences, including demography, economics, epidemiology, political economy and sociology. The key research direction of Global Health field encompasses communicable disease and chronic non-communicable diseases, major sudden emergencies caused by natural and human factors, and some global problems, such as climate change, urbanization process, population growth, environmental pollution, food safety and so forth. These problems exert great influence on current state strategy.


GHI (Global Health Institute) is the first domestic university research platform which is established with the support of Duke Global Health Institute. It is affiliated to Public Health School of Wuhan University, aggregating experts of diverse disciplines from Wuhan University. Through the platform, the institute strives to build up a problem-directed research team which is of inter-discipline and multi-perspective. It adheres to the philosophy which embraces openness, mobility, union and competition, and it is devoted to breaking the barriers among disciplines in the purpose of promoting the integration of various disciplines and optimizing allocation of resources for raising the capability of general integration.


As a key comprehensive university directly under the governance of the Ministry of Education, Wuhan University covers a wide range of disciplines, which offers favorable conditions for the Global Health Institute to conduct researches and improve its research ability. Global Health Institute, one of the first established institutes to study global health, strives to size the opportunities and serve soundly to promote health in human populations by adjusting itself to the research trend both at home and abroad.


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